Slim Hangers 02Dec11

My plan for this weekend: Get as much done as humanly possible 2 in two days plus some of Friday night. I am taking this weekend as an opportunity to be as productive as I can in holiday shopping and getting my apartment organized.

I have a lot to do and not a lot of time. So instead of spreading it all out over the next few weeks, I am going to try to squeeze it all in 2 days. I have errands including returning items purchased online that do not fit and picking up shoes I had re-healed at the cobbler. I also have to make it to at least one store so I can check my mom, and hopefully a few others, off my To Buy For list. I also made a promise to spend some time with a friend on Saturday, and I am hoping to fit in some errands while I am with her–because what says “hanging out” better than running my errands together? Lastly, but most importantly, I am finally cleaning out my closet and drawers.

slim hangers” width=It has been cold outside for well over a month, and I have not yet changed my drawers from summer clothes to winter clothes…it’s time. Also, it is a fact that I have too many clothes. I have clothes that I haven’t worn in several years. It’s time to clean it all up. It is the season to give, and I think I could make several families very happy with the amount of clothes I can donate. I have already prepared for my massive cleaning. Aside from trash bags to pack up my clothes to donate, I have purchased more thin hangers so I can free up space in my drawers and hang most everything. The goal is to finish this task on Friday…it will be an exciting start to the weekend!

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