Sock Monkey Gift Card Holder 29Nov12

Well it is officially that time of year; holiday gift shopping is in full swing. Your email inboxes are likely jam packed full of offers to all of your favorite stores. You are probably seeing all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being extended. You may also be seeing all different kinds of online offers that cannot be beat. We are definitely saturated with different gift ideas for the friends and family in our lives. Everywhere we go, whether online or in person, holiday gift buying season cannot be missed.

This year I got smart. I decided that I would start my holiday gift shopping early. By starting to shop and think about the items I needed to purchase, I was hoping to make this holiday gift giving season less stressful on myself. The outcome: it worked! By the time Black Friday rolled around I was down to needing to buy just a few more gifts. By the time Cyber Monday ended, I sock monkey gift card holderwas just about done. There are always the tricky people on my list though. And if you are anything like me, you just hate the idea of giving a gift card. However, sometimes a gift card is actually just the perfect gift, and in those situations I am not sad to go the gift card route. With that being said, I also have a need to wrap every gift I give, even if it is a gift card. So I have to get creative. Look at what I recently found, the Sock Monkey Gift Card Holder. The Sock Monkey Gift Card holder is not only super cute, but I can actually put it in a box and wrap the box. This way the recipient of this gift card will still have a package to open for the holidays from me. It’s perfect!

With just a few more gifts to purchase I am right on track with the holiday season. I do not think I could have planned this any better. I am pretty sure that while everyone else scrambles to find the perfect gift just in time for the holiday, I took my time early and found the perfect gifts long before the holidays arrived. What is your plan of attack for gift giving this year?

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