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As the holidays approach we all need to begin to think about the gifts we will give to our families and friends. Some of us also like to take this time to buy ourselves some gifts…perhaps as a reward for finding the perfect gift for someone else. No matter who the gift is for, I personally always like to find the perfect gift for everyone on my holiday gift list. With that said, I came up with some of my favorite gift ideas that we have at Taylor Gifts. I’ll tell you the products (in no particular order) and why I think it’s great.

Pajama Warmer- Pajama Warmer: For the person who is always cold, this is the perfect gift. Just put pajamas, or socks, gloves, or scarves into the pajama warmer, and it warms up before putting the article of clothing on! My friend Joe at Book of Joe has found another use for the pajama warmer – give it to your friend who loves his/her Mac Book Air as a Mac Book Air case; as it is small enough to protect the laptop.

- Iron Gym: A great gift for the tough guy/girl in your life; or for the person who wants to become tough. The Iron Gym is a multi-functional bar that can be used to do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and dips. It’s functional and practical, and is small enough to fit in any size apartment or house.

- The Cash Shirt: What kid, or big kid doesn’t like to get cash? The Cash Shirt is a creative way to give the person on your list who needs some money the cash they are looking for.

Arm Carpal MassagerArm Carpal Massager: The friend or family member who sits at the computer all day with wrists that hurt (with or without Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) will love you forever if they receive the Arm Carpal Massager from you this holiday season. While it may look like a scary device, Luke Anderson at OhGizmo believes it may feel good on the pain.

- Snuggie Fleece: For the person who likes to cuddle up in blankets while watching TV, reading, or working. The Snuggie Fleece has sleeves, just like a robe, so when you give this blanket as a gift you’re giving the gift of warmth and freedom to stay warm no matter what this person on your list needs to do.

- Counting Sorting Money Jar: Who doesn’t have the disorganized person on their list? Who doesn’t have the money saver (or the person who needs to start saving their money) on their list this year? Whichever type of person you need to buy a gift for this year, the EZ Counting Sorting Money Jar is a perfect gift. It allows your saver to save coins, the organized (or the one who needs to organize) to keep coins sorted, and the lazy to just listen to the bank tell him/her how much money is in the jar.

Sushezi Sushi Tube- Sushezi Sushi Tube: Don’t forget about the exotic food-lover on your list this year! People like sushi, and people want to make their own, but it is a difficult task. The Sushezi Sushi Tube makes the sushi-making process easy, and will make your sushi-lover friend very happy this holiday season.

- Last but not least is the GPS Cup Holder Mount: For the avid traveler (or anyone with a GPS). This is a perfect gift that your friends and family will keep forever and will use every day. It will hold the GPS so it is easy to see, without having to suction a mount to the windshield or dashboard.

These are some of my favorite gifts to give this year for the holidays, what are some of your favorites?

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