Some Spring Cleaning 13Apr11

I read a blog post recently titled “What have you gotten rid of lately?”. These kinds of blog posts always catch my interest, mostly because I never know how much to get rid of, or if I am doing it too much.

I recommend checking out the original post itself. The post starts off because a mom told her sons they needed to clean up their toys and get rid of some of them. To her surprise, they were happy to do it, and were even more pleased to find all the extra space in their toy bins. Piggy-backing on her children’s motivation, the author of the post also decided to do a little “spring cleaning” herself. She found getting rid of specific items was liberating.

Cluttered ClosetPersonally, I have a purging issue. I am not really much of a collector of things. I generally do not like having extra stuff around to clutter my space (except for clothes and shoes taking up my closet…but that’s for another time). While I am not the person who really keeps things around, I do frequently go through my things to either throw away or donate. I probably do this 3-4 times a year, and I mostly do it with my clothes. I so easily get in the zone of donating my clothes, that I get rid of too much. I definitely get rid of the things I have not worn in over 2 years (except for my overalls…I am having a hard time separating from them) and I get rid of things that simply do not fit anymore and never will again (I do not believe in keeping jeans that are 2-3 sizes too small in hopes that I will one day fit into them again…NOT going to happen). I also find that I get in “moods” when I do not like just about everything in my closet and I literally start throwing almost everything in the donation bags. My mom has tried to teach me to stop giving things away just because I do not like it that day, because I might like it tomorrow. I learned my purging lesson when one winter I went to put on my favorite sweater and it was missing. I have no proof, but the conclusion my mom and I came to was I accidentally gave it away along with other articles of clothing I would miss later because I was not liking them the day of cleaning.

Woven Storage ToteSo how do I stop myself from this? I have a storage box – just one that I keep throughout the year. As I put on clothes during the year and decided I do not like them and/or they do not fit, I will put them in the tote. This way, I am not getting rid of those items immediately. I am putting them aside. This way, they are out of sight. And if I decide one day that I really wish I had that tank top, I can go and get it, put it on, and hopefully recognize why I put it in the tote in the first place, or if I decide I like it again, I still have it and no loss. This way, when I do my regular cleaning, I can look at that shirt and say “You almost gave that away and have already worn it three times since…it’s a keeper.”

Do you do “spring cleaning” often? Are you a person who keeps everything and hates to part with anything? Are you like me, and once you start to throw away you cannot stop? How do you feel about getting rid of your things?

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