Sticking to Your Resolution at the Gym 08Jan13

We are officially into the second week of January. That means everyone who has made a New Year’s resolution they intend to keep is either just beginning to go strong, or is continuing to stick to their resolution. This also means the gym gets busy.

This can be a cumbersome time to hit the gym. Newcomers may feel intimidated, and old-timers may feel defeated. I usually go to the gym when it is normally not very crowded, but it was definitely more crowded than normal yesterday; so much so that one lady found herself INMOTION ELLIPTICAL TRAINER WITH HANDLE
waiting for an elliptical that she always starts her workouts on because someone new was on it. So, she hopped instead to get her workout started. I also had to switch up my work out a little bit. When I went to use the 25 pound bell weights Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike
on the exercise bike someone else, who was new to the gym, was using them. I had to go with the 15 pound weights instead. The gym is crowded and will be for about another month or so. For the time being we must adjust and deal with it.

Sometimes it is not as fun going to the gym when it suddenly becomes more crowded with new members and it may throw off your routine. But if a new gym member is using the exercise Versa-Bell II 25 lb. dumbbell
machine you typically use, take it as an opportunity to try a new workout. Who knows, trying something new may be beneficial to you in the end too! Either way, I hope nobody lets the business of the gym today discourage them from going tomorrow. Stick to your resolutions!

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