Streamlined Travel Bag 17Aug11

STREAMLINED TRAVEL BAGIt is summer time. And one of the greatest parts of summer is going away on vacation. Take advantage of the warm weather, slow work days, and time off with the kids! Vacation is great!

I am going on my first real vacation in over a year. I am taking a trip way down to Florida to visit my best friend who has lived there for way too many years for me not to have gone to see her there. My trick to making this an affordable vacation? Staying at my best friend’s house! People, vacations are expensive; fights are not cheap, hotel costs are out of control, and meals and incidentals will cost you hundreds!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to getaway. In fact, you don’t actually have to go anywhere to getaway! I appreciate having responsibility at home and needing to stay close. A “staycation” might be just your ticket to relax without any of the vacation planning, costs, and hassle. Check out this link for ways you can enjoy your staycation.

For those of you lucky enough to be going away on a vacation far away from home, might I suggest a streamlined travel bag. This bag is a cross body bag so your arms are free to carry your luggage, children, pets, etc. It will keep your necessary items together and organized and ready for use. It’s a terrific carry-on bag with a place for your ID, passport, a book or magazine, credit cards, cell phone and pretty much anything else you may need for a flight (ear plugs to drown out the crying babies?!).

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and be safe!

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