Taste of the South 18Apr11

How often do you get the opportunity to attend a gigantic, formal, black-tie fundraising event? Probably not all the time. Southern FoodThis weekend, I had the chance to go to a huge event in Washington, DC called Taste of the South. The Taste of the South raises money for different charities. The event is one big fancy party with lots of food, take-aways, dancing, silent auctions, and fun. I was lucky enough to go with 3 of my girl friends, and we had so much fun.

There are three days in the weekend, and our black-tie affair had to be on the one day that it was pouring rain all day and not sunny. So we got all dressed up in beautiful dresses and jewelry, we did our hair and make-up, and then we put on our socks and rainboots. We packed bags full of nice shoes with heels, flat shoes to wear for when our feet hurt later at night, and our purses. We also had our raincoats and umbrellas…living in the city is great…except on rainy nights like this. So, once we got there, we changed our shoes, grabbed a drink and started the fun!

The whole room was set up kind of like a tradeshow floor with each state of the south having their own booth. Shopping CartAt each booth you could eat food native to that state (for example, Florida served oranges among other things, and Louisiana served crawfish along the other foods on their menu), and they also had give-aways. Some of my favorite freebies were hot sauce from North Carolina, Koozies from different schools of the states, and a new recycle bag from Georgia. We collected our goodies, ate drank, and danced the whole night away.

By the time the whole night was over, and it was time to walk the several blocks back to the metro to get home, all I wanted was a shopping cart to hold all of my stuff so I didn’t have to carry it. The good news is we danced the rain away! We did not have to make the trek through the city with all of our bags and extra bags, umbrellas, and coats in the rain.

I hope I get the opportunity to attend this event again. It was a great time for a great cause.

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