Texting Gloves 18Nov11

I am starting to notice the colder temperatures more and more in the mornings. Here on the east, we’ve had a nice fall so far but the temperature is absolutely dropping. I had to put gloves on the past two mornings just to grip the steering wheel! My problem with wearing gloves is that I no longer have the use of all of my fingers!
To my surprise and delight, the Huffington Post has taken note of Taylor Gifts’ texting gloves in their article, “19 Weirdest Products For Keeping Warm”. We’ll take the “weird” distinction, as we think we’re the most normal product of the bunch! These texting gloves are great! There is a flap on the mitten to keep your fingers covered and warm, or if you need your fingers for texting (not while driving, of course) or any other reason, just flip it back and there your fingers are! The extra-long arm of the mitten keeps your arms warm as well as your hands.
Thanks for the mention, Huffington Post!

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