Thanksgiving Day Cooking Made Easy 29Oct08

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for family and friends to get together. Some favorite Thanksgiving Day activities include watching the parade, watching football, playing football, and of course eating. I want to make sure that the person (or people) working to prepare the delicious Thanksgiving Day turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pie can relax and enjoy the day as well without spending the whole day in the kitchen.

Of course planning out the meal and coming up with a schedule of when to cook and bake is important. My mom used to believe that she needed to make everything fresh that day; until one day she finally realized “I can bake the desserts a day or two early!”. Also take inventory of the refrigerator and pantry. Throw away bad food, and make room for what will need to go in (during preparation and for the yummy leftovers). Make a list of everything to cook and the ingredients, and then go to the store. My mom and I found it helpful to set the table early – 2 days in advance or the night before. Also take out the serving dishes and utensils; decide which dish will go into each bowl and platter before cooking.

The turkey (and for some, the stuffing) is the main focus of Thanksgiving, so let’s use the right tools to cook the perfect meal. Take time to marinate the turkey. Try a Marinating Tray as opposed to letting the turkey marinate simply on a plate. The marinating tray tenderizes the meat and fills the turkey with the full flavor it deserves. For a second, let’s talk about stuffing (my brother could have a full Thanksgiving stuffing dinner without the turkey). The best way to make stuffing, whether from scratch or from a box, is to cook it inside the turkey. But to actually stuff the turkey is time consuming, and even messy. A Turkey Stuffing Cage can alleviate the turkey stuffing frustration. Just put the stuffing into the turkey stuffing cage, fit the cage in the turkey, cook and remove. The turkey stuffing cage makes the stuffing side of turkey easy. Once the turkey is ready to cook, think ahead, “How am I going to get this turkey out of the pan and onto the serving plate?” I have a solution – the Turkey Silicone Sling. Place the turkey silicone sling under the turkey and into the oven. It is heat resistant and durable, and can transfer the turkey from the roasting pan to the platter or cutting board without any worry or mess. Last but not least, let’s not forget that a turkey can take hours to cook, so why not cut that time in half with the Half Time Turkey Cooker? The half time turkey cooker metal rods cook the turkey in about half the amount of time without the turkey drying out or losing flavor.

Good luck with the Thanksgiving Day cooking!

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