The Big Game Is Here! What Are Some Sweet Treats for Football Parties? 28Jan14

When you are hanging out with your football-loving friends, you know that snacks make the get-togethers much more enjoyable. If you are planning a full-blown party when the post-season starts, you may want more snacks and treats for your guests.

What do you place on the menu for your football party? Anyone can set out bowls of pretzels and chips and plates of cheese. Depending on the amount you have budgeted for your party, and how many people are invited, you could end up setting out quite a lot of food. Be sure you have enough serving trays and plates to accommodate your mountain of food.

The best snacks for the party-thrower, as far as convenience, are snacks that are easy to toss in a bowl or onto a plate. Kielbasa wedges are favorites with meat lovers, and most football fans love meat. Purchase a coil of kielbasa and cut up thick slices, then half those. You can serve these wedges with cheese or crackers.

Sweet & sour meatballs are a favorite with football fans. You can serve them with toothpicks, says
Garlic bread with cheese can be bought prepared or you can make it yourself. This will disappear very fast during your playoff party.

Chicken wings are a perennial game day favorite. Make them in your oven and serve them up. Watch them disappear. There are great sides to serve with wings, too, from hot sauce to blue cheese dressing and carrot sticks and celery. Stuffed mushroom caps will be popular with your football watchers, as well.

Grill some sausages to help quell the playoff-sized appetite of your fans and friends. Polish or Italian sausages can be cooked indoors or grilled outdoors, if you live in a moderate climate or don’t mind the snow. Shish kabobs are always a popular choice that offers a wide variety of flavors.

Stuffed potato skins can be put together before game day, so they are ready to bake. Set out the extras like grated cheese, bacon crumbles and sour cream.


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