The Corn Zipper 23May13

Well, with Memorial Day around the corner, that just means one thing: summer is also right around the corner. Along with taking vacation, spending time outside, going to the pool, having barbeques, and making any excuse possible to find a way to get to the beach for a day or a few days, I also love the food in the summertime.

Every single week all year long I buy fresh fruits and vegetables to either eat raw or cook. You can always count on me to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my apartment at all times. corn zipperIn the summertime it gets so hot the last thing I generally want to eat is something heavy, greasy, and hot which is why fruits and veggies are my favorite, as I like my food in the summertime to be light and fresh. That being said, one of my favorite foods to eat in the summer is fresh corn. There is of course, a caveat to my love for corn and that is I will only eat it off the cob and cold. I know many of you think I am crazy…that grilled corn on the cob with butter and salt is the best food ever. But I am pretty certain there are others like me out there. So for those of you like me who hate to cut the corn off the cob, I found the perfect product for us: the Corn Zipper.

The Corn Zipper strips the corn kernels off the cob, and while the corn strips, the kernels drop into an attached half cup container so you will not lose any corn. Stripping corn off the cob using the Corn Zipper is not only a great idea to get those of us who do not eat corn on the cob to actually eat it, but corn is delicious in salad, pasta salad, tacos, and soups! So, the Corn Zipper will definitely be a product to help you in the kitchen all year around.

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