The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift 20Dec12

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about giving the perfect holiday gift. I have friends and family who have still not completed their holiday shopping for important people on their lists. I know some are simply procrastinating, but I know some of them are still just having problems coming up with great gifts to give to the people they love. As time gets closer to the holidays, these friends of mine are running out of time to find the perfect holiday gift.

After having given this some thought, I thought of one item in particular that most people in my circle would actually really appreciate. The item that can be personalized, picked out specifically with a theme for each individual person, and age appropriate for any person on your list is a puzzle. puzzlePuzzles are a great gift! You can find puzzles with any photograph, picture, or design, and that are big and small. There are some puzzles with a lot of small pieces, and some with a small number of large pieces. Some are simple, and others are more challenging to put together. What I know is that completing a puzzle is a great puzzlefeeling. I also know that some people get so proud of themselves, and love the picture on the puzzle so much that they actually frame the finished product. Plus children can definitely use puzzles as a learning tool; in fact, I bought my niece a puzzle for the holidays this year—she is one year old and she is loving it.

Anyway, if you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift, I would recommend finding a puzzle that will gift card holderspeak to the remaining people on your holiday list. Of course, gift cards to the perfect store placed in a gift card holder can be a great gift, too, but if you have a chance to think of a puzzle that might work, it might be just a little extra personal than a gift card this year.

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