The Perfect Tortilla 12Sep12

Ever since I moved I have made a few changes in the way I do things. I began going to the grocery store only once a week instead of going so frequently. Only shopping once a week meant I needed to start doing some serious meal-planning to make sure I had what I need when I needed it. And with this came taco night…and taco leftover night!

I am sure for all of you very organized moms out there taco night probably is and has been on your weekly menu for a long time. For me, this is all new.  Perfect Tortilla
Typically I have what I need for taco night in my refrigerator and pantry at all times, so taco night here is always a delicious treat. Inevitably, I make too much food, and I cannot do taco night twice in a row. So, I have found a solution to my problem! The Perfect Tortilla. Yes, the Perfect Tortilla allows me to have taco salad night with my leftovers, but the Perfect Tortilla changes it up so I can make a huge salad and just use the leftover taco toppings on top. Plus, with the crunch of the baked tortilla bowl produced by the Perfect Tortilla, I get the crunchy texture I love from a chip without eating chips! That takes care of two nights of dinner in this household.

Now, planning five nights of dinner is hard. But one thing is for certain: dessert in my house is always something good and easy. But, if I want something different with a little excitement, I can always go to the handy Perfect Tortilla and make a cinnamon and sugar tortilla bowl to put ice cream in for my sweet treat of the night!

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