The Review for the Sham Wow is In 30Mar09

Have you ever wanted to test out any of these As Seen on TV items to see if they actually do what they say the will accomplish? Cardiogirl has done just that. She has taken some top As Seen on TV items, used them, and then reviewed them. Her latest As Seen on TV item adventure was the Sham Wow. She gave the Sham Wow 3.5 Cardio Stomps out of 5.

Sham Wow The Sham Wow is a towel designed to be super absorbent. The Sham Wow can also help to clean windows, cars, and dishes. Cardiogirl put the Sham Wow to the test and performed her own Sham Wow experiments. Cardiogirl’s Sham Wow tests included picking up liquid from a couch and rug, drying a bathing suit, on her hair, and more. Cardiogirl says, “I give it 3.5 Cardio Stomps out of 5. One point five stomps were removed because it doesn’t work well for me when its dry and it did drip a bit. But overall I was very happy.”

You can read the full Sham Wow review by Cardiogirl by visiting the Sham Wow Review. Have you tried the Sham Wow yet? What do you think?

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