Top 5 Items to Keep You Warm 15Oct08

Winter is coming soon and the temperatures are beginning to drop. Stay warm with our favorite cozy items! Electric Fireplace Insert

1. Snuggie Fleece – This fleece blanket has sleeves so you can snuggle up, still use your arms, and not be cold.
2. Heated Vest – The battery-powered heated vest keeps you warm outside without being restricted or weighed down by many layers.
3. Pajama Warmer – Just 15 minutes in this warming pouch and your pajamas (socks, towels, gloves) are toasty warm to go to bed.
4. Electric Fireplace Insert – Keep the room warm and enjoy a nice “fire” without the wood, ash, or real flames.
5. Heated Car Seat Cushion – Get in your car and warm up fast without turning your car on to wait for the heat.

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