Travel Organizers for a Summer Road Trip 11May09

A summer road trip can be a time of bonding for friends and family. Getting yourself organized for a road trip is often a challenge. Organizing your car for practicality and fun during your extensive drive is important.

Soft Side Electric Cooler Practicality is important when packing your vehicle for a summer road trip. Remember to keep many liquids in a cooler. Consider a soft, insulated cooler to hold all of your drinks. Soft coolers are usually flexible and do not take up much space. You can also find an electric cooler that plugs into your cars power source and act as a mini refrigerator. If you have a lot to store in the way of snacks and drinks, you can use an insulated cooler that hangs over one of the car seats. This stores enough for the, and saves you from time-consuming stops along the way.

A head rest hanger can keep things well organized. This two pronged hanger comes off of your headrest, and can hold just about anything while keeping it off the floor. A floor free of debris is essential over a long trip.

For entertainment, ask yourself if you want to bring books, music, video, travel games, or anything else to make the ride more enjoyable. You can store your CDs and DVDs in a large book to hold a wide variety. Make sure that this case is organized in a way that anybody can figure out where to find disks, and where to put them back.

Car Trunk Organizer Books and games are difficult to store. Hanging a bag on a headrest hangar can work, but if too much is hanging up, the seat can become cramped. If you drive an SUV, then try a trunk organizer. This simple tote will keep your luggage separate from the items you want to get to.

With the right mix of practical organizers, and organization tools that can enhance fun, you can be well set towards a trip that will be memorable for the entire family.

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  1. Jayne - May 15th, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Organizers are such a must for road trips, thanks for all the info and tips, love the head rest hanger idea.

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