Tread Ahead 02Jan12

TREAD AHEADWhere I live, it’s that time of year; time to get ready for snow. We can really never be too prepared. The worst part is when your car gets stuck in the snow, and there is no shovel to help dig out the car. A new item I found might be just what I need to add to my snow emergency kit that I keep in my car, Tread Ahead.

Have you used the Tread Ahead yet? What do you think? How much easier would life be if we didn’t have to chip away the ice that forms under our car tires anymore? With Tread Ahead, all that has to be done is to place the Tread Ahead beneath the front of the tire stuck in the snow, and the car will out! The Tread Ahead could really help out in tricky situations if the car gets stuck, like mud, snow, ice, plus there is a built in handle and ice scraping edge to clear your windows.

The Tread Ahead can be used in more than just snow situations. You can use the Tread Ahead to help get out of mud and up ice as well. The Tread Ahead might be just what we all need just in case this winter.

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