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Ladies, today is your day. You’re so lucky to be reading the blog today, because I have come across an item for you that I am certain you will think is awesome. The item is called the Twist ‘n Clip and the Twist ‘n Clip is the hair clip we have all been looking for.

twist n clipLet’s back up for a minute. Why was I even looking for a new hair product anyway? Well, I have fairly long hair, and it is the summertime, so it’s hot outside, and while I generally wear my hair down, sometimes it is so hot I need to pull it back off my fair and neck. Very commonly, I wear a hair tie around my wrist at all times just in case I need to pull my hair back. However, sometimes, it’s nice to be able to pull your hair back comfortably and easily without wrapping in up in a boring ponytail. Last weekend I was at a festival outside, and I ran into the usual problem of being hot with my hair down and having no option but to put my hair in a ponytail. I wished there was a cooler solution – enter the Twist ‘n Clip. Full disclosure, I have not tried the Twist ‘n Clip yet, but from what I hear, it’s pretty great.

The Twist ‘n Clip should hold your hair back all day without damaging your hair. I’m sure many of you ladies out there are tired of making your hair look really nice in the morning, for it to fall out halfway through the day. Well, the Twist ‘n Clip might be the solution to that problem, since it will hold your style in place. The Twist ‘ n Clip is easy to use, and for additional style, you can attach the crystal tail to the Twist ‘n Clip. No worries about color either, because you can match any outfit you’re wearing to any of the three colors of the Twist ‘n Clip you can get in one order.

So, to all of you ladies out there like me who are tired of the boring ponytail in the summer, and for the clips falling out of your style in the middle of the day, the Twist ‘n Clip might actually be the hair tool we have been looking for high and low all this time. If it’s comfortable and easy, I say the Twist ‘n Clip is definitely worth a shot.

Twist N Clip is the easy, fun way to style your hair. You can find out more & purchase it by clicking here:

Twist N Clip at Taylor Gifts

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