Use Ottomans Instead of a Coffee Table 19Jan09

There are 2 great uses for a coffee table: The first, at least at my parents’ house, is to have a place to put your feet up while you sit on the couch and watch TV; and the second is to use it as the dinner table. So what is the problem with using the coffee table for these purposes? None! But what if the person on the couch is short (like me) and their feet don’t reach the table? What if one person wants to eat but the other person wants to put their feet up (and who wants to eat with feet in their face?)? The more personalized solution: ottomans!

I watched an episode of Oprah a few years ago, and Oprah was talking about her house. Aside from Oprah’s gigantic closet, I remembered that she made it a point to not have coffee tables in her rooms. Oprah uses ottomans instead of coffee tables; that way, no one feels guilty about putting their feet up. Plus if there are multiple ottomans in the room instead of the coffee table the taller person and the shorter person can sit right next to each other, both with their feet up comfortably.

Snack Table Ottoman There are advantages to using ottomans over coffee tables or snack tables, especially if you find a multi-purpose ottoman such as the Snack Table Ottoman. While snack tables and coffee tables serve a purpose, ottomans are perfect for eating, and giving your feet a place to rest. The Snack Table Ottoman has a dual-top: one flat side to use as a snack table, and a cushioned side for a comfortable foot rest. It even has wheels to move throughout the room easily. This way, one person can eat their dinner on the snack table side of one ottoman, while someone else can relax with their feet on the cushioned side of the ottoman. With an ottoman, everyone wins!

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