Utilizing Small Spaces 02Aug10

I wanted to share a blog that was originally written for our sister site Get Organized about organizing a dorm room or small space.

With limited space in the dorm room, students need it to be functional and neat. Create an organized room as they move in and it will be easier to keep things in their place. The following are types of storage items that will keep you organized and allow you to utilize the most space.

If your closet is simply too packed to handle your shoe collection, consider employing all the extra room under your bed with an under bed shoe organizer. Shoes Under is a simple space-saving solution to shoe-cluttered closets and floors. Up to a dozen dress shoes, sandals, sneakers and heels have a new home in this lightweight and durable holder, which slides easily under a bed or closet floor. No more stumbling over scattered or piled-up footwear. Unit features side handles and a see-through zippered cover, for easy identification.

One of the most helpful organizers for small spaces in my opinion would be the Stackable Storage. When space is limited in a dorm or small room, it can be hard to keep items organized in a neat manner. You can stack the cabinets horizontally or vertically and they take about 20 minutes to assemble. Store anything from textbooks to clothes. They make it easy to clear up the floor while also avoiding the inevitable nicks and scratches that regular wooden furniture would endure.

Ironing clothes is a chore for some of us that involves a large ironing board which cantake up space while in use and while being stored as well. The Over the Door Ironing Board easily fits over all sizes and styles of doors. It allows the board to fold out when in use and fold up when finished, thus saving time and space.

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