Utilizing the Space Above and Around the Toilet 30Apr13

There are so many bathroom organizers available that it’s almost a crime to NOT have a tidy space. You can find plenty of different types at dollar stores, big box stores, specialty shops…even the drug store. Plastic, wicker and wood are some of the materials available for these organizers, and you’ll find them in almost every size and color, compartmentalized or not. What will work is up to you. It’s smart to consider organizers for the space above the toilet and around the toilet, and that’s what we’re going to share with you.

Space above the toilet is too often wasted space, but it can be reclaimed with a shelving system. Choose a style that appeals to you and suits the area and décor. RATTAN SPACE SAVER WITH METAL FRAME AND 3 SHELVES The Rattan Space Saver with Metal Frame and 3 Shelves is a beautiful choice that will fit over most toilets. The metal frame is sturdy and gracefully designed. It looks like a fine piece of furniture with its elegant arches. Three rattan shelves provide you with plenty of space to store towels and toiletries or even a lovely houseplant.

A more contemporary version of this shelf system is the Over Toilet Spacesaver. over toilet spacesaver This one is constructed of tubular steel with a shiny chrome finish. It’s a bit taller than the rattan version described above, so it really takes advantage of the height available above the toilet. Three glass shelves provide an airiness that is important in a small bathroom, but still provide you with all the space you need to store bathroom necessities.

But not every bathroom is large enough for an over the toilet storage unit. 4 tier shelf unitIf you have a smaller bathroom, you still want to get it organized. A freestanding shelf unit might provide you with the storage options you need. Consider the 4 Tier Shelf Unit in glass and metal. This contemporary piece features four tempered glass shelves that have been frosted for an elegant look that always looks clean. The frame is brushed with chrome joints for shine. Organize your towels and toiletries with ease on this handy shelf unit.

If contemporary isn’t your style, consider the Folding Four Tier Organizer. folding four tier organizerThis is a unique piece that features a wood frame and hand-wrapped willow roping. It has the look of a piece of fine wicker. Four shelves provide plenty of room to store towels, toilet paper, toiletries and even hair styling products or books. And for additional uniqueness, the entire unit folds into one flat formation for storage when moving day comes.

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