Ways To Keep Your Powder Room Looking Fresh 29Mar13

Anyone who has ever roughed it on a camping trip, worked a long day at tough blue collar job, or even just went to the gym for an extra vigorous workout, is sure to know how good it feels to come home to a clean house.

When you come home covered in dirt and grime the only thing on your mind is getting your clothes quickly into the laundry basket and getting your body a nice hot shower. The minute you get out of that shower, dry off with a clean towel and lay down in your bed of freshly washed linens, you feel like you just fell into a little slice of heaven.

For as wonderful as a clean house feels, however, it is far too often that we let our place become a mess. The bathroom is one of the first places that starts the inevitable slide downhill immediately after our normal cleaning day.

The reason for this is simply that the bathroom gets a lot of use. For many of us the first thing we do in the morning is head into the shower to wake ourselves up for the day. And we all know that the feeling of cleaning up in a messy bathroom isn’t nearly as relaxing as a refreshing shower in a nice clean bathroom.

What people need to keep their powder room looking fresh isn’t only the time to make sure you tidy up, but also to invest in brilliant bathroom housewares that are designed to help keep you bathroom clean. Take a look at these examples of great ways to freshen up your powder room.

Keep the Water off the Floor with a Microfiber Absorbing Bathmat

microfiber absorbing bath matWhether you own your own house or rent an apartment, everyone knows that water damage can cause havoc in your place. It seeps into the walls and can cause mold buildup and even pest problems. Not only that but it just isn’t very pleasant to have puddles of standing water around your house.

One place that often gathers water in a home is around your shower. This can happen from insufficient shower curtains or just from your excitement about getting right out of the shower and starting your day.

Some people lay down a towel when they get out of the shower, but that isn’t the most effective way to prevent water from getting all over. The microfiber absorbing bathmat is the perfect solution to this common problem. It soaks up water just like a sponge as soon as your foot touches down on it.

The microfiber absorbing bathmat traps water in it so it does not form into puddles. But the real beauty of this bathmat is that it dries in minutes. If you put a towel or a cotton mat down on the floor it will take practically all day to dry up. But the microfiber absorbing bathmat will dry before you know what happened!

Folding Four Tier Organizer

folding four tier organizerA leading cause to a messy powder room is often a lack of places to put all of your towels, toiletries, shower supplies, and everything else. In fact, this is the most common cause of clutter all over your castle. That is why an organization solution like the folding four tier organizer is so handy to have around the house.

You can use the folding four tier organizer in your bathroom, or really anywhere around the house. It has a compact design so that it can easily slide into all sorts of underused spaces in your home. You can use it to store spare towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, cosmetics supplies, additional shampoo and conditioner bottles, or really anything your little heart desires.

The folding four tier organizer measures 44 ¼ inches by 14 ¾ inches by 9 ½ inches. It has a wooden frame and between it the shelves are made from willow roping that was wrapped by hand.

Convertible Shower Caddy

convertible shower caddyAnother essential item that you must have in your bathroom is a shower caddy. This is the case more than ever when you live with even just one additional person. Everyone has their own preferences for shower supplies, and when a few people are sharing a bathroom it can start to overflow with spare bottles of shampoo and extra fancy body washes and lotions.

This convertible shower caddy is extra convenient because you can either hang it right over your shower head, or you can flip it upside down to hang it over the edge of your shower. It even has additional suction cups so that you can affix it to the wall. This will add even more stability.

Make the most of your day, especially when you come home from an invigorating workout. Keep your powder room fresh with these handy products.

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