Weekly Meal Prep 27Mar13

I think we all know how busy life can be, and usually life during the week seems to be much more busy than we can plan for, as something always finds a way to pop up and surprise us. What I find that suffers most when things get off track is my meal plan. So, I work pretty hard to do everything I can to stay on track by making a plan every Sunday before the week begins.

Every weekend I go to the grocery store for the food I need for the week. Although it can be tricky, I plan what I will be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks beforehand, and I also know I’ll be packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for work each day. That makes it a little bit easier. I also know that I’ll probably wind up working later than 5:30 a few nights during the week and I’ll lose dinner prep time at home, but I have to plan for this! I purchased clear plastic containers to store my pre-prepped food in for the week. clear plastic containers with lidsSo every Sunday I bake a new batch of granola and five salads, and store each of them in a clear plastic container. It is a lot of work prepping a week’s worth of meals in one night; however I know I will be happier coming home after a long day of working knowing I do not have to prep any meals for the next day. That means I have one less thing to worry about during the week! I figure if I can at least get my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the week in clear plastic containers and ready to grab and go, I can better manage the wrenches thrown in my “plans” for the rest of the time during the week.

Every week is different, and sometimes you simply can’t plan for everything that might happen each week. But I have found a little planning, prep, and a little extra effort really makes my evenings during the week a little less stressful, more manageable, and sometimes even relaxing!

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