What Are Some April Flowers & Veggies to Plant? 10Apr14

There are numerous flowers and vegetables that are best planted in April. At least two types of flowers will bloom well when planted in cool weather.

Roses may be transplanted when you can work the ground, in the early days of April. If you purchase bare-root roses, they will do best if you plant them as soon as you get them home.

Pansies are hardy and can overcome late spring frost. They like cool weather and seem to thrive better in cool weather than they do when it becomes much warmer.

Vegetables including peas, lettuce and cabbage grow well in cooler temperatures. Onions need a long season for growing, so they are also often planted early in the spring.

Radishes are a cooler season crop, as well. They can be planted as soon as the ground may be broken. High temperatures will lead to flowering, and the roots may become soft.

Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli do well in cool seasons. Iowa State University says that they will grow best in mild temperatures between 60F and 70F. Mid-April is a good time to plant cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli in many areas.

Kale, spinach and lettuce do not do well in hot weather, so they prosper when planted in the cool temperatures of early April.

Onion plants, sets and seeds are usually planted as soon as you can work the ground in late March or early in April.

Snap, snow and garden peas are also best planted as soon as you can work the ground. The crops will mature in 60 or 70 days.

You can sow carrots from the early spring days until early August. Sowing the seeds in early or mid-April will give you an early crop.

Potatoes, as long as they have been certified to be disease free, may be planted when the ground is workable in April.

Taking advantage of the early spring days gives you a head start on your planting. Early planting may bring out hungry critters, so be sure you have the proper equipment to keep them at bay.



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