What Are Some End of Winter Tips to Bring Your Home & Yard Back to Life? 18Mar14

This winter has been extreme in almost all areas. All of the freezing temperatures, along with wind, snow and sleet take their toll on your house, garage and yard or acreage. Using simple maintenance tips, you will be able to return your home to proper condition, so it will look better this spring.

It’s hard this winter to believe that spring is on its way. As the weather finally begins to warm up and the ice and snow start to thaw, there are things you can to do help your home and yard recover from the winter past.

Use a shovel to make paths so that water can run off your property and into a storm drain or the street. This will make it easier to walk to your door on those late season cold nights when water in your driveway freezes back up.

Once it’s fairly safe to assume that the snow and ice are gone for the season, clean up excess salt or kitty litter on your sidewalks and driveway. If the freezing and thawing of the ground has left your driveway with potholes such as those found on many roads, patch them before someone trips in them.

Check your roof for loose shingles. Strong winds and heavy snow are quite capable of damaging shingles. When it is safe to go up on your roof, check for missing or damaged shingles. If you don’t feel comfortable checking your roof yourself, contact an inspector who will identify and correct any problem areas.

Cleaning up the lawn after a rough winter will be easier if you thoroughly raked your leaves in the fall. Otherwise, your grass may be suffering from “snow mold”. You’ll want to rake your lawn in the spring anyway, to remove any build-up of thatch. This will allow your lawn to green up sooner, and frame your spring-cleaned house nicely. If your lawn needs a little extra help, throwing down some grass seed will help.

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