Wood Grain Table Mate II 08Feb13

When we moved into our new apartment I made a rule that we would eat dinner together every night at the kitchen table. We were not going to eat in front of the television, and not talk to each other while spending the whole evening on the couch. I also have fear of my custom made coffee table getting ruined from spills. I made this rule because I do not remember the last time we used the kitchen table for more than a coat rack and a place to put bags.

I had every intention of following through with the rule, but I allowed a “cheat” day once a week, wood grain table mate iiusually Thursday or Friday. Before I knew it, I was exhausted after work and nothing sounded better than sitting on the couch and eating dinner there. I do not consider this a “fail.” This rule was obviously meant to be broken. I needed to come up with a way to still eat on the couch though and not ruin my coffee table.

My perfect solution: invest in Two Wood Grain Table Mates. These Wood Grain Tables Mates were a great addition to my apartment. I can clean them off if something should spill, and also use them as a mini desk to do work on my laptop while sitting on the couch. And when the night is over I can easily put the Wood Grain Table Mate away because it is lightweight and foldable.

Do you eat at the kitchen table, or in the living room in front of the television?

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